Volunteer Profile: Juliet Clarke is Bristol Caterer Turned Food Hero

In times of crisis it is remarkable how people just want to do their bit to help. We have seen this first-hand here at FareShare South West, as volunteer applications have rocketed. Among the many who have applied are business owners who have been forced to suspend their business activity but to continue to work in the face of this crisis. 

Juliet Clarke (pictured far left) is one of those business owners, having founded Bosh Bristol – cake supplier to Bristol’s best cafes, private caterer and pop up supper club. We decided to take a little time to find out more about Juliet, and to see what inspired her to join the volunteer team. 

Outside of being a food business owner, what are your interests?

I love music and cycling. I find both really relaxing. Beyond that my hobbies are food focussed. Growing vegetables is something I love to do. Nothing more rewarding than eating something you grew, and obviously cooking – not just in a work context – but for friends and family!

What brought you to FareShare South West? 

A few months ago, I cooked up surplus food in the warehouse for two fundraising comedy nights. I saw what important work FareShare do and felt lucky to give my time to help on those events. I then offered one afternoon of volunteering but upped this to two days a week now that my business has had to temporarily stop. 

What are your main jobs when volunteering with us?

Occasionally I’ll go out on the van as a driver’s mate, which means supporting the driver with offloading deliveries etc. Mostly though, I’m in the warehouse picking and packing the orders for the various community projects and charities. It’s quite a physical job, with heavy lifting involved, which is something I really enjoy actually. Going home physically tired and knowing that I’ve moved around so much food that will do good out in the community is very rewarding. 

Has anything surprised you in your work as a volunteer?

I was, and remain, amazed at the vast amount of surplus food that would be headed for the bin were it not for FareShare. It’s quite absurd that such good quality and in-date food would be destined for waste. It’s certainly made me realise what an important organisation FareShare South West is and makes me proud to be part of the team. 

When the Coronavirus crisis eases, what does the future look like for you?

Before the lockdown, I was busy business planning for a new venture, Bosh Kitchen, a cake café and supper club space! I’m hopeful more than ever people will be seeking opportunities to come together and connect over delicious food when it’s safe to do so. That’s all on hold for now, but watch this space…

It goes without saying that I will also be continuing to look for opportunities for my business to support fundraising efforts for FareShare South West.  

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