Together, we’ve identified the following set of values that define who we are, how we work and what we aim to achieve. They unite us in the same way of working – across teams, cities and whole regions.

We are compassionate

We create and maintain a safe, supportive and inclusive workplace for each other and ourselves

We make an impact

We believe the work we do changes lives and brings about positive change. We persevere to make this happen.

We are innovative

We actively look for opportunities to improve, by partnering and collaborating with others and by embracing change

How we use our values:

  • Everyday! How we work, behave and interact day-to-day directly reflects and embodies our values
  • To measure our own progress and success
  • To encourage and inspire others to support, donate, volunteer and get involved!

In so doing, we reduce the amount of food going to waste and provide meaningful access to volunteering, work experiences, training and employment, combatting life-limiting barriers.