Country Food Trust deliver new supply of fresh game

This week, we had an exciting new delivery of fresh meat arrive into the warehouse- pheasant!

The delivery, which contained half a tonne of top quality game, will now be in regular stock at FareShare South West. We know that fresh meat can be a big expense to our charity members, so we’re excited to be able to provide such a high-end new product.

The delivery came courtesy of our food partners at The Country Food Trust, a registered charity, which distributes their quality game products to FareShare centres across the country. The charity works with accredited shoots across the UK to ensure that no wild game goes to waste- a less well known source of surplus food! They work with top South West chef and game expert, Tim Madden to develop recipes and products with the meat, including their tasty game casseroles which we have received from them since they started out in 2014.

Tim Woodward, CEO of The Country Food Trust, came to deliver the new supplies of both raw meat and new casserole pouches to us. Our Operations Manager Charlie Mason and our Wednesday evening volunteers Anna, Phoebe and Vinny helped unload the meat and store it in our fridges, ready to be picked and sent out to charities the following day.

Tim said “It was great to see the amazing team at FareShare South West again- we learned so much from the team when we started about what was needed by their clients and they were also the first charity we donated to. Charlie’s direct feedback has also led us to developing a larger version of our casserole product.”

Whilst it’s a great source of fantastic food, we also know that it’s not an everyday meat for most people. So to help chefs and cooks who might not be familiar with game meats, Tim and his team have put together some easy, tasty recipes. To view and download the recipes, click here. The main thing to remember, we’re told, is to treat it like chicken, but don’t overcook it- the perfect thing for stews, casseroles and slow cooked meals, as well as some more creative dishes.

We are looking forward to hearing how our charity members use the new meat supplies!


If you are a South West organisation with a supply of quality, in date surplus food- talk to our team about how we can use it to help people in need.

The food waste hierarchy calls for food to feed people first

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