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    Millpond Primary School

    Millpond Primary School is one of our fantastic Breakfast Clubs!

    They use food in all sorts of ways- from food at the Breakfast Club itself, to snacks for their After School clubs and food parcels for parents in need. They collect from our Bristol warehouse each week.

    “When we started the Breakfast Club 3 years ago we had juice, bread and jam. Now we can give our children a full continental breakfast and a proper start to the day! The good food we receive means that the Breakfast Club is very popular- about half the school comes, which has had a big impact on our attendance levels at school. 3 years ago we had 100 pupils on our persistent absence list. Now, we only have about 14.” Julie Vincent, Millpond School Breakfast Club Coordinator.

    Over 3 million tonnes of the food that goes to waste each year is still edible

    That’s enough for seven billion meals

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