“Sitting at a table is something that many of our service users haven’t had the privilege of before. It is a very important part of our meal services”

Charity Partner Spotlight: One25

One25 is one of the 400 charities, schools and community groups that receive weekly deliveries from FareShare South West. One25 aims to create a safe and non-judgmental space “for women to heal and thrive.”

All of the women One25 works with have experienced trauma, often related to childhood abuse and violence. Many are living with mental health challenges, problems with housing, criminal justice and addiction. One25 run five different services for the women they support, including a night outreach service and the Peony project – for women who are further on in their recovery. Each of their services provides every woman with unconditional love and practical support until she is ready to move on.

Four days a week, the One25 team prepare and cook a tasty, nutritious meal using food from FareShare South West. These daily dinners not only provide women with a balanced, healthy meal but are a chance for them to connect with others and take a breather from their everyday lives. FareShare South West delivers to One25 every Wednesday, and menus for the coming week are planned based on the food they receive. Eggs are always welcome, and often transformed into frittata – a popular, easy-to-make meal that’s an excellent source of protein.

Polly is the Services Assistant at One25. She told us how their volunteer and staff cooks used one particular ingredient from FareShare South West:

“We have used the turkey stew supplied by FareShare South West for all sorts of different meals. One specialty we did was our “Turkey pie” which was a mix of cottage pie and shepherd’s pie. We served this with potato dauphinoise on top. Our women have become more adventurous with food as our volunteer cooks have become more adventurous with signature dishes, which is something that our partnership with FareShare South West has fostered.”

For Polly, cooking together helps normalise the experience of eating and brings women together:

“We eat with our women during dinner. Sitting at a table is something that many of our service users haven’t had the privilege of before, and it is a very important part of our meal services.”

Food from FareShare South West is vital for One25 to carry on providing the women they support to heal and thrive.

One25 was the only place I felt safe and loved