‘Not your average warehouse job’- we are hiring!

As we expand our entire operation, we need new people to join our incredible warehouse teams in Bristol. We are seeking candidates with warehouse, operations, food, festival or event management experience to step forward. If you are looking for a hands on job filled with purpose, you could be who we’re looking for.

In 2021, we distributed food for 4,860,844 meals to those in need of food support. This is a huge leap from the 1 million meals we achieved in 2019.

After two years of temporary, emergency operations, FareShare South West has exciting news: expansion. Warehouses are the beating heart of the operation. To support more frontline charities, we have opened another Bristol warehouse in South Bristol.

The new Bristol warehouse provides an exciting opportunity for the future and allows bigger objectives for the organisation. This expansion means more staff are required, and we find ourselves to be part of the well-reported national recruitment struggle.

Lucy Bearn, our Director of Operations, said:

‘We are so lucky to have a wonderful team that works together to fight food waste and hunger. A new warehouse means a massive 20% increase in our operation, and therefore we urgently need new staff to keep things running smoothly.

It is vital we expand our team – without great new people on board it will become harder to grow our work getting food to those in need.’

‘Not your average warehouse job’

Being a charity with a food warehouse makes us unusual, and fast growth puts us in a unique situation. We know that working with us is not your average warehouse job, and are seeking some incredible new members to join our team.

Sophie Pike is the Central Bristol Warehouse Manager,

‘Working in the FareShare South West warehouse is unlike any other job I have had. It feels amazing to see the difference we’re making each day- I know that every pallet that comes into our warehouse is lifechanging. Our team and volunteers are the soul of our charity, always innovating and pushing to do more- and have fun while doing it!’

If we get the volunteers and workers in the Bristol warehouse they need, they can achieve growth well beyond the 4,860,844 meals of 2021.

Could you join our warehouse staff team?

To find out more and apply, click here to see our Careers page.

As well as paid staff roles, we are always in need of volunteers too. If you want to volunteer, click here.

The food waste hierarchy calls for food to feed people first

Food companies are legally obliged to use food to feed people before sending to anaerobic digestion or for animal feed. We help them do that.

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