Michelin Starred Chef Chris – Cooking Up a #BigBreakfast in Bath Primary School

Chris Cleghorn, Head Chef at Bath’s only Michelin starred eatery, Olive Tree Restaurant, cooked breakfast for the children at St. Martin’s Garden Primary School in Odd Down, as part of our latest #BigBreakfast campaign.

The Big Breakfast Week is all about celebrating the work that school breakfast clubs do for the children at schools, but also about highlighting the need for them and the issue of child hunger. Many children are going to school hungry, and not ready for a day of learning. A breakfast club means they’re getting the right foods to keep them going until lunchtime. St. Martin’s Garden is the first school in Bath and North East Somerset involved with the Big Breakfast week, which started in Bristol, and we hope to do more next year as we provide food to more schools in the area.

Chris Cleghorn, Head Chef of The Olive Tree says: “If I haven’t had my breakfast I find it hard to concentrate and can get quite grumpy so the reality that many children in our region are going to school hungry everyday as a result of parents struggling to afford food is
unthinkable. When FareShare South West explained how they take in-date, good quality food from right across the food industry and get that into breakfast clubs, which are often open to all pupils, it felt like such an obvious cause to support. By feeding these kids with nutritious food, they also prevent a huge amount of food waste, which is something I’m
passionate about. I can’t wait to get into the school kitchens!”

Julian Mines, CEO of FareShare South West noted: “Child hunger is a region wide and growing issue. Our work with Breakfast Clubs is a vital way to ensure all children in our region are given the best opportunity to have a successful school experience. With vast quantities of surplus food available to us we can use that as an immediate solution to this issue. Whilst that exists, we believe no child should go hungry. We’re so grateful to Chris for coming on board with our campaign this year, which sees a greater focus on the BANES area. It will be a very special breakfast for the students – along with their parents who will be welcomed in and will reinforce the positivity that these breakfast clubs bring to school life.

We’re always looking for new opportunities to get our surplus food into schools, so if any other schools feel their breakfast club provision could be improved, then we encourage you to get in touch!”

Chris Cleghorn visited St. Martin’s Garden Primary School on Friday 18th October, with 20 other top chefs across Bristol and the South West also attending 20 schools in their area that week as part of our #BigBreakfast Campaign.

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