Devon & Cornwall – All donations doubled from midday 22nd April

We’re raising money to increase our green impact. Expanding to an entirely new area of the country… Devon & Cornwall!

Donate here and your gift will be DOUBLED by our generous match funders.

Help us meet the demand of 160 charities and countless food producers in the region on our waiting list.

Devon and Cornwall are home to hundreds of food suppliers. This means thousands of tonnes of untapped surplus food. We are now partnering with local food companies who had no means of getting wholesale surplus to people in need on their doorstep. Whether Bristol or Bodmin, we seek to ensure every food company or charity we partner with is a lasting agreement. But we need your help. Help us to expand the capacity of our new Plymouth warehouse by donating here.

We’ll be delivering one million meals per year when this warehouse is at capacity. That’s food for 100 charities, providing meals and wrap-around support for 10,000 people.

Shelley Wright, Head of our new region

Shelley is in charge of our new Devon & Cornwall region. With 22% of children in Devon living in poverty, rising to 26% in Cornwall she urgently needs your help to expand the capacity of our Plymouth Warehouse.

Click here to help Shelley access more surplus for people in need.

We believe hungry children deserve a nutritious food supply wherever they grow up. Which is why your gift will enable more van routes, more surplus food deliveries, and more partnerships with those already on the ground who know how to get food to the right places.

With the rise in cost of living and energy prices, your help is needed now more than ever.

Between midday 22nd – 29th April, every pound donated via our Big Give campaign page will be DOUBLED! That means double the food saved and double the people fed.

Thank you!

Pictured above – Steve from Provide Devon, one of our first charity partners in the region.

Over 3 million tonnes of the food that goes to waste each year is still edible

That’s enough for seven billion meals

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