Stepping up to tackle a crisis

FoodStock 2020 is a campaign to build a stockpile of emergency food and the infrastructure to deliver it in preparation for a difficult winter. This food will be a safety net for thousands of vulnerable people supported by our network of 300+ frontline partner charities, schools and community groups.

FoodStock 2020 is a time-critical response that will bridge the food gap for many, with the potential to get enough food for 1 million meals into our communities in just 3 months.

Building a safety net to prevent hunger

Our emergency food is one part of the wider solution, but we know we can make a significant impact on region-wide food insecurity by working on a big scale. We will top up food supplies to key charities with an existing food supply, deliver free food to targeted pop-up emergency operations, and in some cases we will support some of the most low-resource organisations with pre-made food parcels. This food isn’t just about the short term. We know that by intervening in a crisis, our food will stop people slipping into more complex situations down the line.

Bridging the food gap this winter

We will be targeted, collaborative and coordinated in our approach. We want to deliver our food to the most vulnerable people in our region, through the most effective ways possible. To do this well, we must move away from the reactive model we were forced to deliver back in March and instead build a delivery action plan early with our charity partners.

Wrapping our arms around our city and region

We want to offer up our infrastructure, food and teams to serve Bristol and the region as effectively as possible- but we cannot do this alone. We need support, resources and donations to lift FoodStock 2020 off the ground quickly and maximise the impact it can have. The stronger FoodStock 2020 is, the further it can go in tackling a winter food crisis.

We work on a big scale and do not need small donations of food from the public. If you have food to donate please go to your local Food Bank. Unlike our core activity, not all the food for this emergency operation will be deemed surplus. We will source wholesale donated food and even some cost-price bought food from over 600 UK food suppliers. If you know a food supplier who could support with large quantities of food, please get in touch.

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Donate to FoodStock 2020

270,000 tonnes of perfectly edible food gets wasted by the food industry each year.

That’s enough for nearly 650,000,000 meals

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