Exploring new food in a safe environment

Exploring new food in a safe environment – Mini Mojos Holiday Club

The Mini Mojos holiday club, run by Min and her team, is set deep in the Mendip Hills. The club aims to nurture growing children, boost self-esteem and resilience, and teach them to be present and grounded as they grow and develop.

The club is home to 20-30 children, aged between 6 and 12, and involves a whole host of enriching activities, from arts and crafts, to outdoor games and our favourite – stretch and shine; a morning routine which helps everyone start their day feeling grounded and awake.

At FareShare South West, we’ve been working with Mini Mojos throughout the summer holidays, providing them with snacks and food parcels for the children and their families.

“It’s just been wonderful”, exclaimed Min when describing the food from FareShare South West, “it’s given the children the opportunity to explore and taste new foods in a safe environment. Because we don’t know exactly what we’ll get each week, the children have been really excited by exploring new things and we’ve even made an activity out of it.”

Min has the weekly delivery laid out on a table, and the children each have their own shopping bag to fill with both known and novel foods, making sure it is all shared out fairly. These bags get sent home with each child as a food parcel for their family, and has caused the kids to get stuck in with trying new things at home and helping out in the kitchen, what a bonus!

For Min, and the Mini Mojos, exploring new things and taking risks in a safe environment is what they’re all about, and partnering with FareShare South West provides them with an opportunity to do this. By redistributing surplus food to charities and projects like Mini Mojos, we’re not only preventing them from going hungry, but also supporting them to flourish and learn.

Find out more about Mini Mojos. Contact Min at creativeconsultant@gmail.com