As the COVID-19 pandemic sends shockwaves through our communities, FareShare South West is at the centre of an emergency operation to get food to the most vulnerable in our city and region.

Since the COVID-19 crisis hit in mid-March, FareShare South West has more than doubled its food support. Thanks to donations, we have launched new temporary warehouses, set up key partnerships, expanded into new regions. This food has stopped those in critical need going hungry- from families living on the breadline, to homeless people facing cuts to services, to elderly people shielding in their homes.

Your donations mean we are now delivering food for 60,000 meals to those in need- every week.

As we emerge from lockdown into a world of uncertainty, FareShare South West needs to be there. With unemployment rates soaring and economic instability expected, we know our food support will be in demand long into the future to help lift people out of food poverty and back to security. We need to be part of long term solutions, working with our community.

Working with the UK-wide FareShare network, we know that there are still thousands of tonnes of surplus food going to waste. There is no other organisation in the region with the capacity to redistribute this food, and FareShare South West is well placed to deliver it straight to those most in need. 

Please give what you can and please share far and wide to help us continue to be part of the food solution.

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In Bristol, 69,500 people suffer from income deprivation

26% of children in Bristol live in households where there isn’t enough money to receive a nutritionally balanced diet

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