ActiveAte Programme Launches: no child should go hungry over the school holidays

Over 3 million children are at risk of going hungry over the school holidays this summer.

Once the school term ends, the safety net of Free School Meals for eligible children ends too. For families who are working hard just to get by, the 7 week long holiday can seem a daunting challenge to make ends meet.

The added costs of child care, extra activities for children combined with the absence of school support can mean that children end up at risk of going without a proper meal each day. The effects of Holiday Hunger go beyond the summer itself. Returning back to school in September, these children are returning back to school undernourished, tired and unable to focus in the classroom.

As part of the national charity FareShare, we want to change the picture in Bristol this summer. We want to make school holidays the fun and exciting time they should be for children at risk of hunger.

Food for holiday projects

To help #ActiveAte the school holidays this summer, FareShare South West is supplying food to over 25 different projects this summer, providing approximately 14,000 meals to children across the city. 

The projects we are working with range from children’s centres to schools to activity programmes, all working with and for families living in areas of high deprivation. They will be putting on a huge range of fun, exciting and silly activities for kids, as well as serving hearty, healthy meals for kids taking part.

Donate now to help us do more

We are asking the community for support to help us make this programme happen. Donate today to make a real difference to children this summer. As little as £7 can help us do so much more.