A day in the life of a FSSW bike volunteer

Meet Veronica, one of our brilliant bike volunteers. She uses her cycling passion to do some good by delivering FareShare South West food across Bristol on one of our FSSW bikes, come rain or shine. We have two bikes which we use for local, small-scale food deliveries and collections in a sustainable way.

On Thursday mornings Veronica arrives at about 9am and starts by helping in the warehouse, picking orders for our charity members and helping pack up the bike trailer with a food order. She then cycles off to St Marks Community Cafe where she delivers their weekly supply of food. They transform the food into nutritious, affordable food for their community in Easton, and also give out food in food parcels. Depending on the day, she might pop by one or two other charity members on the way.

After leaving Easton, Veronica cycles on to Clifton, where she picks up a collection of surplus bread from Boston Tea Party. They often have extra breads, sandwiches and pastries which they can’t sell, so they make sure it goes to a good home by sending it our way. After that it’s back to the FSSW warehouse (downhill!) to process the paperwork and relax with a well earned cup of tea with the volunteer team.

Veronica has a passion for reducing waste and has also adopted another role at FSSW- she makes sure our waste gets properly sorted so that everything gets recycled correctly. It’s not uncommon to see Veronica sorting through our plastic bins to fish out anything that shouldn’t be there! So many of our volunteers go above and beyond to help FSSW do the best it can, and Veronica is no exception.

Interested in being a bike volunteer? Take a look at our volunteering page to find out more.

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