Food Industry Partners

FareShare South West receives quality surplus food from wholesalers, retailers, caterers and manufacturers.

If you find you are throwing away perfectly good food because of mistakes to printing, end of promotions or end of lines, damaged packaging or short life, then perhaps FareShare South West will be able to help you to minimise your waste and thereby save you money on your waste costs.

We accept all kinds of food – ambient, chilled and frozen. FareShare South West works with all companies and will consider products based on the following criteria:

  • It is within its use-by-date
  • It is covered or packaged appropriately
  • It is capable of contributing to a significant number of meals
  • It complies with all the food safety legislation, including The Food Safety Act 1990, The Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006 and Regulation (EC) 852/2004 on the Hygiene of Foodstuffs

For health and safety reasons, FareShare South West is not able to accept:

  • Shellfish, sushi
  • Food that has been held hot
  • Open buffet surplus
  • Food past the marked use-by-date
  • Open food packets

What does FareShare South West offer your organisation?

  • The opportunity to minimise food waste and reduce disposal costs
  • Brand protection
  • Peace of mind that all our staff and volunteers are trained in food hygiene
  • An agreed system for contact and collection to suit your organisation
  • Responsible, traceable systems and management of the distribution process
  • Regular feedback on your donations and their impact for your corporate social responsibility and business reporting
  • The guarantee that food is never sold on or given to parties that are not registered with FareShare
  • The chance to have greater involvement in your local community
  • Opportunities for visiting the operation and/or team volunteer days.

FareShare South West is independently audited and advised by The Food Hygiene Bureau and Checkmate International (CMI). All staff and volunteers are trained in food hygiene.

If you are interested in discussing a responsible route for surplus food, please contact Charlie Mason, FareShare South West on 0117 954 2220 or complete the registration form and return to FareShare South West.



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